"OH, i'm so tired" isn't a badge of honour

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Preventative sleep health is crucial for one’s quality of life. Mentally and physically. Good quality sleep helps people reach their full potential of their wake lives.

Luckily, good sleep is a skill you can learn. We believe that around sleep is sleep. That's why we are here for you. Throughout the day, anytime. Let's do this together. Step by step. 




Arrange your consultation whenever it suits you best - call or video. Your personal Sleep Coach will ask you sleep-related questions and determine what can be improved. Together you’ll agree on an achievable sleep goal within what seems to be a realistic time frame.

how it works

The sleep kit

Receive your curated Sleep Kit delivered right at your doorstep, shortly after your consultation. Your Sleep Kit contains items handpicked by your Sleep Coach that are aimed to guide you in reaching your sleep goals



sleep Coaching

Your personal Sleep Coach is always there for you. They will check-in daily on your sleep goals and encourage and guide you throughout the duration of the programme. You can get in touch with them at any time by simply sending a message.


the sleep kit. curated for your needs

We know that generic sleep education doesn't work well. That's why each Sleep Kit is handpicked and curated individually here at the School of Sleep. It's also guided by your Sleep Coach. New and healthy bedtime rituals can be fun!

your sleep coach keeps you on your tailored path

stories from the school of sleeP


"The School of Sleep improved my ability to relax and sleep. Overall I feel elated, my level of happiness are now higher overall. I used to have thoughts racing through my mind, but the Sleep Kit and support of my coach helped me get into a calm state and stick to the routine. I came to realise that it’s fine to have some down time for yourself before going to bed. I also started to recognise and try to manage stress factors during the day. This programme taught me to embrace sleep as a well deserved pleasure rather than a physical requirement." (Maria, 27, Boston)


"I used to browse my phone for a good amount of time before dozing off. I not only lost hours of sleep, but delayed my sleep cycle. The coaching at “The School of Sleep” informed me that I was “sleep procrastinating” - I viewed sleep as a waste of time. It turned out that I needed to create some enjoyable pre-bedtime habits to get me looking forward to going to sleep. I’ve been having my night time tea and calming shower rituals ever since… Now when I go to bed I fall asleep naturally without any problems. I highly recommend the service to anyone who wants to find joy in their sleep." (Matt, 32, San Francisco)


"My favorite part was having someone there for me - caring, positive, and encouraging. Frequent check-ins kept me motivated and accountable. I felt comfortable opening up and following the advice from my coach as my sleep goal seemed realistic. I never felt judged and so found it easy to reach out and share my struggles.  The support and help I got showed me how important it is to your well being to open up and share your challenges and aspirations. I felt like I was really being taken care of." (Sarah, 29, New York City)

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